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ACT Training Services aims to provide quick, flexible training and qualifications that equip candidates to move into available employment and work experience opportunities.  Courses are accredited or bespoke.

ACT has a professional training portfolio delivering bespoke and accredited training to people in employment. These programmes are demand-led and vary according to need. They  include courses offered under its regeneration portfolio as well as continues development programmes.

CSCS - (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) - required to work in the construction industry including jobs located on a construction site.

Food Safety - a one day course required to work in the hospitality industry

Security (SIA) Training - Door Supervision & CCTV  (4 days)

COSHH - (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) a one-day required to work in the hospitality industry

Energy Conservation  - Sustainable energy efficiency course covering the variety of energy efficiency measures that may be implemented within a building - suitable for tenants of housing associations.  This is a one-day programme

First Aid - Emergency (1 day) or First Aider (3 days) - life-saving techniques, vital for Small and Middle-sized (SME) employers

Information Technology (Basics) - to work anywhere!

Health and Social Care (Various certified courses) - for those working or aspiring to find work in the Care industry

Practical Maths - a bespoke numeracy programme geared towards empowering individuals to overcome their fear of numbers and to learn the skills necessary foc coping with day-to-day life.

Employability Skills - a bespoke programme geared towards empowering individuals to overcome the hurdles they face as they attempt to (re)enter the job market.  The programme includes self discovery workshops which enables participants to heighten their self awareness and recognise opportunities that might not have been obvious to them. 

Inhouse Training

ACT runs inspirational workshops for individuals in the workplace.  These are opportunities for them to explore their creativity and to reflect on their personal and professional practice.

The Pocket Learner Educational Development Programme

An educational development programme pioneered by ACT Training Services and enables young children to develop vocabulary, learn basic numeracy, learn to read,  improve their communication skills and develop confidence. It is  particularly useful to those  children deemed slow learners or those diagnosed with learning difficulties.

The programme comprises a range of resources which provide a basis for training parents, carers and educators of children  with learning difficulties and identified learning disabilities. The  multi award-winning system is ACT's flagship product and has its own web presence at

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