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ACT Training Services is a London-based accredited training organisation offering bespoke and accredited training to people seeking to develop skills and secure sustainable employment.

The company which has been in operation since 2006 runs short, accredited programmes, enabling jobseekers to gain qualifications in a relatively short period in order to compete more successfully in the job market. Where possible, ACT identifies funding for this training and targets people from the following groups for the funded programmes:


  • People with low or no qualifications
  • People who face the risk of becoming socially excluded
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups
  • Unemployed people
  • Those employed in entry-level jobs and seeking to upgrade their skills for promotion
  • Those not traditionally engaged in the learning process.
  • Those building on previous achievements or going into new careers.


Training is conducted in the form of

seminars and short courses. The

programmes include: Vocational training,

Basic skills training, Employability skills

and Occupational skills development.

The courses are generally tutor-led with

aspects of online training and often

tailored to the pace of the individual.


We work with individuals aged 16 to 65 irrespective of their ethnicity, background, or orientations. We are a disability-friendly organisation equipped to work with some disabilities including programmes for those with physical challenges. Our centre has full disabled access.




In addition to its extensive regeneration activities, ACT has a professional training portfolio delivering bespoke & accredited training to people in employment and who are at different stages in their careers.

The courses enable employees to develop skills & competencies that enhance their professional repertoire and excel in the workplace. Coures are delivered flexibly - taking place at the organisation's premises, at ACT's venue or online.



ACT offers a bespoke translation service specialising in Spanish/ English translation of academic documentation and certificates including police checks, birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates.


Please contact us for quotations and further information.


The Pocket Learner eductional development programme pioneered by ACT Training Services aims primarily at enabling children with cognitive disabilities to develop vocabulary and learn to read.


The Pocket Leaner is a multi award-winning system - a simple tool which helps to develop vocabulary, reading and communication skills. It has proven effective in building confidence, particularly in children with special educational needs, effectively complementing traditional learning methodologies.


The System can be applied to the learning of a range of subject areas and be used by individuals who simply embrace another way of learning. It is useful not only to disabled children but to any child or adult with learning and reading issues. The system has since been tested by with parents of children with special educational needs and has been assessed by educational professionals and their children with great success.


Please visit the Pocket Learner site for more details.

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